YUNO Solution

Alerting is good but orchestrating teams to protect your business is even better.

YUNO reunites disparate teams for an optimized incident resolution process.

Our platform and its accompanying mobile application offer superior team interaction and orchestration capabilities.

Identifying, collecting & resolving : this is YUNO. 

YUNO detects threats and orchestrates human response.

Efficient incident management requires to first carry out a preliminary risk analysis study.

This study aims at the identification of key business processes together with the threats that could potentially affect them.

YUNO will then be able to detect the presence of one of these potential threats as early as possible before business operations drift away into the crisis zone.

YUNO offers you peace of mind.


YUNO delivers performance thanks to its pragmatic and human-centric approach.


YUNO coordinates IT responders and business stakeholders and makes sure that all critical information reaches the right person at the right time, allowing business stakeholders to adapt and take all precautionary measures to avoid adverse impact on business operations.

YUNO reinforces quality assurance.



Identifying Risks and Protecting Business Operations



Collecting Data and Detecting Threats

YUNO ensures easy integration with your existing tools.

YUNO collects alerts and data from existing IT monitoring tools and automatically detects the presence of potential threats using no-code rules that can be configured without any programming skills.

Its user interface is simple, straight-to-the-point, and very easy to grasp.

YUNO’s strengths for incident management include: effortless integration, extreme plasticity, multi-site coverage, team coordination, and audit trail.



Resolving Incidents by Leveraging Human Expertise

YUNO puts humans back at the center of the picture.

The IT landscape is cluttered with a considerable amount of tools, ranging from infrastructure monitoring to cybersecurity attack detection.

Many of these tools are not only useful but also indispensable, however they are essentially geared towards greater automation of tasks, particularly using AI techniques, neglecting the value of human expertise and the importance of coordinating human efforts when resolving an IT incident.

YUNO offers powerful human collaboration capability. 



Breaking Down Silos

YUNO reunites disparate teams for an unmatched incident resolution performance.

YUNO is a productivity tool, yielding tangible and measurable benefits. Beyond incident resolution procedures, YUNO also handles team coordination procedures part of normal business operations.

Because configuration of procedures is so effortless in YUNO, it is easy to adjust them as part of a continuous improvement process.

YUNO gives all stakeholders perfect visibility on all ongoing actions thanks to the YUNO Companion mobile application.

YUNO allows continuous improvement.



Sits on top of existing monitoring tools, for optimal and accurate view of current situation 
Real-time communication 24/7 availability  Team orchestration and action request

acknowledgement  Automation of incident response and business procedures 

Enhanced incident resolution speed  Cross-department coordination 

Reduction of false positives  Optimized team performance  Improved peace of mind



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