Our vision

What if true innovation was about collective intelligence?


A question of common sense.

In his previous career, Xavier Laszcz, founder and president of Hypervision Technology, was managing a global markets trading room and experienced a severe IT incident that would later lead to the creation of the YUNO platform.


The air conditioning unit in charge of cooling the on-premise server room went down, and critical  servers soon went down too, causing thousands of euros of financial loss, not to mention damages to the company’s reputation.


Xavier immediately realized how vulnerable his organization was, largely because of the lack of communication between teams and the lack or weakness of operating procedures.


He imagined a solution that could break down team silos and ensure smooth coordination between teams.


This is how YUNO’s concept emerged. A solution capable of uniting people’s forces and talents to: Face adversity • Manage risks • Optimize operations • Ensure business continuity.

Hypervision Technology was then rapidly incorporated and the French Ministry of Research awarded Xavier the prize for the creation of innovating company.


Collective intelligence boosted by individual expertise.

Incidents happen and will always do. Trying to avoid them at all cost is vain. With the passing of time, equipments tend to fail more often, and all of this is normal.


Insurance companies evaluate global risks for organizations on a yearly basis.


Their conclusion is that business interruptions, IT incidents, cybersecurity, and supply chain disruptions are the main factors of risk faced by organizations.


All verticals are impacted: healthcare, financial services, e-commerce, bank & insurance, etc.


Hypervision Technology’s mission consists in providing organizations with a new way of engaging teams in their daily activities with a superior team collaboration tool devised to leverage individual expertise.


With YUNO, expertise and efforts of all team members are optimized in order to deliver the best collective action possible.



Hypervision Technology

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