Our mission

At Hypervision Technology, all our efforts are geared towards serving human beings. Day after day, we devise and implement pragmatic and useful software solutions with the hope of making people’s life easier and organizations more resilient.


Artificial intelligence automates human tasks. YUNO is human-centric.


It notifies all stakeholders in real time, orchestrates human efforts, and leverages the expertise of each team member for an optimal collective performance.


All digital tools, software applications, artificial intelligence, and digital transformation itself only have one ultimate goal: making life of human beings better. This is our commitment.

Xavier Laszcz

Funder and President

Our team

Hypervision Technology is proud to put humans at the very core of its DNA. Our team members originate from various backgrounds, each of them contributing in her own way to making YUNO a pragmatic, efficient, agile, and powerful solution.

Xavier graduated from Université de Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne with a major in economics. Xavier has had several careers: high-level athlete as a member of the French international judo team, successful trader, and now the head of Hypervision Technology. The idea for YUNO came to Xavier as he was a trader, after an unfortunate and costly IT incident.

Distinctive features: Engaged, unifying, demonstrating a permanent competitive mindset, sportsperson, amateur poker player, he also is permanently greedy for knowledge. His unique sense of values and goodwill make him the best captain Hypervision Technology could dream of.


Graduated from Supméca and ENS Cachan, two French engineering schools.

Multilingual, he spent his youth in Africa and later on spent more years on other continents. Fond of entrepreneurship, Fabrice has been a consultant to a number of international companies in many verticals. He is YUNO’s hard drive: greedy for knowledge and talented trainer at the same time.

Distinctive features: Fabrice despised history in his youth, but with the passing of time discovered a true passion for the discipline, especially World War I. Child of the sea, he loves all seafood things including oysters for breakfast.

Le Gascouin

Graduated from ITII engineering school with a major in automation and software development.

He’s the «sniper» of the team. Perspicatious, he knows before being able to explain. And that’s the reason why he’s been on board since the inception of the project. 

Distinctive features: Electric scooter enthusiast, he has the ability to code with one hand after an unfortunate scooter fall. Jérémy possesses great unifying skills and a unique team spirit.


Amandine graduated from ISCOM, a communication and marketing school. She is vastly experienced in all communication matters, with a strong digital touch. Amandine is versatile, super intuitive, and above all inspiring for all.

Distinctive features: Happy owner of a sausage-shaped dog named Napoleon, Amandine has a genuine passion for home decor, an irresistible smile, and a contagious joie de vivre.

Communication Manager

Rachelle received a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry from West Lafayette University and a master’s degree in archeology from Université de Cergy Pontoise. She wanted more, so she flew back to the United States and attended the Think Full Boot Camp in New-York city in order to become the full-stack software engineer she is now. Rachelle is passionate about everything she does and as her background can attest, quite versatile.

Distinctive features: Rachelle loves coding, learning new technologies, watching astrophysics videos, and reading about quantum physics. A unique personality.

Senior Developer

Fatima will soon receive a well-deserved master’s degree in software development from ESTIAM engineering school. Beyond her technical skills, she can count on her natural curiosity and adaptive skills to successfully reach all of her goals.

Distinctive features: When Fatima was asked to introduce herself, she explained that she was coming from Algeria in search for happiness and self-accomplishment. Her kindness and positive vibes are indispensable to the team.


Pierre received his master’s degree from Ecole Centrale de Marseille and is currently a PhD student working on YUNO’s core features. He likes to describe himself as a true scientific mind who likes to analyze, understand, and infer. Pierre is also a cybersecurity enthusiast.

Distinctive features: An insatiable thirst for knowledge with the hope to help build a better world. Beware, though: if you ride your electric scooter on the sidewalk, he will teach you good manners in no time! PS: It’s close to impossible to trick him. 

PhD Student

Paul received his PhD in signal processing from Telecom ParisTech.

He wrote a number of scientific articles, notably «Spatio-temporal constrained tone mapping operator for HDR video compression» (C. Ozcinar, P. Lauga, G. Valenzise, F. Dufaux in Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation, Volume 55, August 2018, pages 166-178).

Distinctive features: Don’t ever ask Paul to write his short bio, he will most likely send you 48-page Wikipedia article! The magician of the team.


Isabelle is in her final year of engineering studies at Ecole Centrale de Marseille. Both creative and rigorous, she is also curious of all things around her and a true software development enthusiast.

Distinctive features: Undeniably weak for chocolate, Isabelle also enjoys jogging (it does help burning calories when you have a sweet tooth). Don’t be fooled by her slim silhouette, though: she eats like the ogre in the fable!

Le Pivain



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