Incident Response Teams Coordination Platform


At Hypervision Technology, all our efforts are geared towards serving human beings.


Day after day, we devise and implement pragmatic and useful software solutions with the hope of making people’s life easier and organizations more resilient.

YUNO Solution

YUNO reunites disparate teams for an optimized incident resolution process.
Our platform and its accompanying mobile application offer superior team interaction and orchestration capabilities.


Alerting is good but orchestrating teams to protect your business is even better.



YUNO detects threats

and orchestrates

human response.



YUNO ensures easy integration with

your existing tools.



YUNO puts humans back at the center of the picture.



YUNO reunites disparate teams for an unmatched incident resolution performance.


Sits on top of existing monitoring tools, for optimal and accurate view of current situation 
Real-time communication 24/7 availability  Team orchestration and action request acknowledgement  Automation of incident response and business procedures 
Enhanced incident resolution speed  Cross-department coordination 
Reduction of false positives  Optimized team performance  Improved peace of mind

They trust us


Protecting patent filing process

INPI (Institut National de la Propriété Industrielle) is the French Patent Office.


YUNO monitors and protects the key IT processes of the Office by coordinating business, facility management, and IT teams  in case of potentially dangerous incidents occurring within the datacenter.


Improving availability

of online services

Aéroport Marseille Provence is a fast growing French airport expecting to reach 10 million passenger traffic in 2019.


YUNO protects the commercial web sites of the airport against disruptions by informing and orchestrating business stakeholders and IT responders when an incident occurs.

Optimizing maintenance operations

Cityscoot is a major urban mobility company operating thousands of electric scooters in several large cities in France and Italy.


YUNO orchestrates all maintenance operations related to the collection and recharging of batteries, allowing smooth, predictable, and traceable maintenance processes.



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